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Carol Simpson CartoonWork is a collaboration between artist Estelle Carol and writer Bob Simpson. We believe in the traditional working class values of labor solidarity and social justice, so we fire off cartoons aimed at America's corporate establishment and its wholly owned subsidiary, the U.S. Government. You can find our work in labor, alternative and business publications across North America and around the world.

Estelle was born in New York City and Bob is a native of Washington DC. We are now firmly rooted in Oak Park IL, a suburb bordering the West Side of Chicago. We welcome comments, criticisms and even hate mail, though the latter will be read for laughs and then disposed of.

We also invite you to visit our other projects. We are both involved with WebTrax Studio, a graphic design and marketing business with a number of talented collaborators. We also work on the Chicago Women's Liberation Herstory Project which is an online history of the women's liberation movement in the 1960's and 1970's.

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Flexible fees for web and print publishers. We're union. We love to negotiate. 

Free cartoons for personal use on websites, blogs, Facebook and other social media.We welcome donations. 

Custom cartoons or illustrations start at $250. We’ll help you find a concept.

Adding color to a b&w cartoon is $50. A free b&w cartoon comes with every color cartoon.

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